Location: Madrid Spain

Beautiful Madrid, Spain. "I was accommodated very well."
(Marielle Benitez ~Philippine Women’s National Team)

So why should female soccer players choose EduKick Madrid? We promote the philosophy “Football is Education” and offer a dedicated residential soccer & education academy for competitive FEMALE players from 13-24 years of age. Our staff includes a full-time ADULT FEMALE monitor (assistant coach) specifically there to mentor, assist and supervise our female academy participants?

What we do in a nutshell


EduKick Madrid Girls reside at the Player’s Apartment Complex Residence

Short-term & year-long Girls are accommodated in clean & modern double or single room private apartments with cleaning & maintenance services, washing machines, and free Wi-Fi access. Academy players eat breakfast in the apartment each morning and enjoy their daily lunch & dinner at the EduKick Madrid affiliated restaurant, LA BEKADA. Our academy has a fitness gym, spa & pool for player's use. EduKick Madrid has a full-time 24/7 adult monitor on our staff to mentor and supervise our participating girls.

Education. Student Life.

EduKick Madrid offes girls several academic options

EduKick Madrid academy girls participating in the academic year or half-year courses can study either Spanish Language & Culture (including Advanced Spanish Language Certification), United States 7-12 Online Distance Learning, or the "Bachillerato" in Spanish. EduKick Madrid bilingual staff (English/Spanish) are present daily to assist our students and mentor them with their studies.

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Soccer Training: Soccer is our LIFE

Daily EduKick Madrid training sessions at A.D. COLMENAR VIEJO, a 3rd Division Spanish Professional Club & Insertion onto Spanish females youth sector or Senior Women's squads

How do we do it?  Intense DAILY Spanish Futbol Training! EduKick Madrid offers daily training with the EduKick Madrid Technical Futbol Director and ALSO insertion onto a local Female Spanish Soccer squad for additional evening training and competitive matches. Training & exposure to develop your soccer game and improve your soccer experience & opportunities through our association with A.D. Colmenar Academy and our close relationship with professional Spanish FEMALE clubs in Madrid, including: Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Rayo Vallecano, & Getafe.

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